Amazon's 2016 Summer Style Guide

Amazon produces specific style guides for each holiday and sale event throughout the year. The summer sale features three sub-events called “Get Ready for Summer”, “Soak Up Summer”, and the main event, the “Summer Sale”. These three events needed to follow a central theme, but be differentiated in some small way. Graphics, typefaces, and colors need to work across multiple platforms and in many different placements on Amazon’s website.

Development for style guides is done by several people proposing their own ideas for the guide through several rounds of selection and increased development of your ideas. My idea was chosen for selection and then further fine-tuned before publishing. The published style guide was used by a large team of Amazon designers who create graphics for a variety of departments. Therefore style guides also need to be easy to understand and interpret into their own designs.

The idea behind my style guide was to use colorful geometric shapes to evoke a bright and warm summer feeling and to imitate the shapes of fruit slices. Using three different color palettes for the same graphics allowed them to transition from spring and early summer to the late summer months.

In addition to the main style guide illustrations, I made background patterns, chose typeface pairings, provided stock photography inspiration boards, and created example graphics for each of the most common Amazon placements. All these assets, along with directions for the style guide, were then published to the internal website for Amazon style guides.

See the full Styleguide here