Prime Now City Skylines

Prime Now as a service for Amazon Prime customers is rolling out to new locales every month. As new cities launched, city skyline illustrations had to be created for the App UI. The skyline illustrations are used to customize and create a unique experience for each city. 

The Prime Now brand designer created the first dozen or so initial launch cities, and then I succeeded the interim designer who had taken over the project. He had created a more detailed style, building on the original brand launch. I had to keep a continuity of quality and style while interpreting more varied skylines into these UI illustrations. With dozens more cities launching in rapid succession, I had to work at a quick pace to accomplish these projects on top of my normal workload.

For each of the City Skyline Illustrations, it was my responsibility to select potential stock photography that was representative of the location, use the approved photograph and translate it into an illustration, get approval from the legal team and in-location marketing teams, then convert the illustration into three color schemes, and save into several document sizes for use.

Over the course of four months, I created 18 Skylines for the Prime Now app UI: Liverpool, Surrey, Raleigh, Virginia Beach, Tokyo, Arlington, Leeds, Glasgow, Rome, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Portsmouth, Cincinnati, Columbus, Orlando, Tampa, and Sheffield. 

For legal approval, skylines had to be as detailed and accurate to the actual skyline as possible, and feature a variety of buildings or structures that epitomize the city. Including the smallest details like windows, trees, light poles, and even beach umbrellas made me really get familiar with the translate, blend, and pathfinder tools in Illustrator. 

Three different color schemes were implemented: grays for the 'zip code' screen, oranges for the gateway page, and navy blues for the navigation. The app UI has since been redesigned so the orange gateway applications are no longer in use.