Brubeck Institute Album Cover

The Brubeck Jazz Institute produces a Jazz album annually. ASuop Designers revamped the look of the album cover with a full re-design last last year. This year I was tasked with developing a new album cover that stayed consistent with the previous year’s while changing enough to give it a different look. The original client’s request was to recolor the previous album’s artwork, but when presented with some better options, a new pattern with the same color scheme was chosen.

The typography and inside jacket designs were made to mimic the previous year’s design as well, but necessary updates were made to accommodate larger amounts of necessary information, two-line track titles, and more production information. 

Production was run through an online print company. I downloaded print templates to ensure correct bleeds and sizing. The professionally printed copies come with nice clean production, but I unfortunately did not have control over the barcode or the color differences in the printed CD label.