Winter's Peak Wine Concept

Winter’s Peak was a young, trendy wine concept born from a project directed towards young adults. The concept was to sell a Zinfandel wine to 21-35 year-olds. My concept was to modernize the idea of wine itself by creating a label and packaging that would stand out on store shelves and appeal to the trends of younger working professionals. The labels had to include all the necessary information to actually be sale-able and were to be accompanied by a gift box for packaging. 

From the first stroll down the wine aisle, I knew I didn’t want to make another rectangular label. I wanted to challenge the convention of wine labeling by changing its shape. The concept was born through my love of mountains and geometry, and a seasonal wine to pair with certain foods seemed helpful to someone who isn’t a wine aficionado, like myself. With the “Winter’s Peak” concept, the shape of the front label became obvious, and the back label was pushed to mimic the geometry and angles of the first, while still enclosing the barcode, description, winery logo, government warning, and alcohol content. 

Creating the gift box for Winter’s Peak Wine was my next step. In my first attempt at packaging, discovering how to build a physical object to work aesthetically and spatially was a challenge. The design was an expansion of the front label, creating a mountain range that wrapped around the whole box.

The main typographic elements were incorporated into triangles on the front side of the gift box and in the sky of the top of the box. The back label for the wine bottle was incorporated onto the back of the box to relate to the label and bottle inside.

The finished product was submitted to AIGA Blue Ridge’s 2014 Flux Student Design competition and was selected to an elite group of packaging finalists.