Volleyball Club Dallas Branding

While there are plenty of Volleyball clubs for girls in the Dallas Fort Worth area, there has been a shortage of competitive clubs for boys. Volleyball Club Dallas was founded by several former competitive playersto fill that space for young boys wishing to get into competitive volleyball. Their goal was to attract teams in the two youngest age groups to build a foundation for a club that they could grow each year.

The request from the clients was for a logo that looked like an iconic sports logo that incorporated the Texas state flag in some way. I chose a badge/shield design that incorporated the colors (red, white, and blue) of the Texas flag, as well as the iconic star. 

The logo works well in both color and black and white. The text inside the badge gets hard to read at smaller sizes, so there are two supplementary wordmark options I designed as well.

Along with the logos I created for VC Dallas, I created fliers for their clinics and tryouts. The logo was also embroidered onto a set of polos for the coaches and advisors.