Scholastic Arts Show

Created for an art gallery show held in our campus gallery, this poster was supposed to advertise the work of high school students that ranged in a wide variety of mediums and subject matter. Due to this variety of content in the art show, the only direction from the client was to make it focused on creativity and art. I used a simple typographic illustration to convey the idea that creativity involves several different actions and activities. I originally developed a large crossword-style intertwining of 20+ art- related words, but quickly simplified down to a single “create” as a focus point and a supporting word for each letter.

Three logos and the required information of name, date, time, and place were included minimally on a black background for a simple, clear, and uncluttered message.

Three different applications were needed: Two poster sizes (8.5" x 11" and 24" x 36") and a mailable postcard. Working within the department template, the postcard was developed after the poster layout by re-orienting the supporting text to the side and/ or the back side of the card.