Spring Concert Release Party

Every year the university’s arts and entertainment team goes through months of planning to bring a big-name artist to the school for a spring concert. Students vote on genres, then artists that they want to see at the concert, and then there is a release party to announce the “winning” or contracted artist. The event—and the process—is designed to drum up a lot of excitement within the student body. Therefore the concept for the poster was to have something dark and mysterious, yet still exciting and with a “spring” feel.

I began to develop different types of smoke and tiling from photographs I had taken myself and free stock photos found online. Ultimately I decided on a combination of a couple different photographs heavily photoshopped to give the right dark feel with brighter pops of color on the edges. The typography was stacked and aligned in a vertical format to stay in the darkest area for the most contrast. A rounded, modern typeface was chosen to have a younger concert feel, while still being bold enough to be especially readable and dramatic. 

Several social media applications were generated as well for promotion of the event.